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JULY 20th 2014 3:30pm-7:30pm; Body Control On The Ground and Under Saddle


2012 Michael Newman Photography


Equine Foundations

 is about putting the foundation first before specialization in both the horse and the human. The main goal is a harmonious relationship between the equine partner and it's student. 

Services offered

TRAINING, Naturally; foundation development and specialization in reining.

LESSONS; beginners to advanced.

The student

"I take the time to guide my students towards fluidity, so they can become one with their horse on the ground and while riding. I teach my students to connect with their horses mentally, emotionally and physically. My students learn to use their intentions, inner energy and strength of their core. They learn about the horse's natural instincts and how horses communicate inside their herd with each other." Mirka Hermanová Pitts

The equine partner

"While training a horse I focus on his overall balance. While the horse's mental connection and emotional stability are important, I have learned to pay close attention to their physical balance as well." Mirka Hermanová Pitts

2012 Michael Newman Photography

2012 Michael Newman Photography

Mirka Hermanová Pitts

specializes in starting young horses under saddle and in developing a solid foundation in a horse to perform in reining, using the principles of natural horsemanship.

  • Mirka is an official PNH (Parelli Natural Horsemanship) Level 3 graduate and she officially passed her PNH Level 4 On-Line, Freestyle and Finesse savvies.
  • She has studied natural horsemanship for 14 years
  • Winner of 2007 Buckskin World Show in Working Cowhorse and Reserve in Reining
  • Placed top 5 at NRHA shows
  • Awarded a Level 6 ribbon by Pat Parelli for her spotlight at the Parelli Lakeland Celebration in October 2009, where she and her horse Magie performed at liberty and bridleless
  • Achieved a Level 4 ribbon for her spotlight with Sarah in 2011.
  • Trained a 5 year old mustang from the wild, Second Chance, and competed at the SEMM 2012 after only 127 days of training, placing 28th over all and 10th in the reining class.
  •  Trained a 5 year old mustang mare from the wild, Legacy, and competed at the Mustang Million 2013 after only 120 days of training, placing 25th over all out of 191 competitors.

Mentors: Honza Bláha, David Lichman, David Pitts, Kelly Sigler, Clint Haverty, George and Lisa Aldridge.

Studied the teachings of: Linda and Pat Parelli, Karen Rohlf, Carolyn Resnick, Mark Rashid, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Stacey Westfall, Shawn Flarida, Andrea Fappani and Craig Schmersal.

Mirka currently trains and teaches at Sandy Creek in Elberta, Alabama.




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